Targumic phrases

Cussing in Aramaic!

The  phrases below are taken from ancient resources and they are not swear phrases in fact but let's just say they are censored phrases. They are in Targumic Aramaic. The purpose why I'm giving you these phrases is not to…

What's your name in Aramaic.

What's your name in Aramaic. Ancient Aramaic ?מה שׁמך  שׁמי ישׁוע Mah shmakh? (m) What is your name?   ישוע שמי Shmi Yeshua My name is Jesus. מא שמיך ma shmikh (f) What's your name? when talking to a female. Classical Syr…

Some greetings in Targumic Aramaic.

Good morning! צפרא טבא tsafra tava Good evening! רמשא עבא ramsha tava Live for ever! לעלםין היי le-almeen h´ee Peace to you! שׁלם לכין Shlam lekhon Read also Some aramaic greetings!

Days of the week in Aramaic

Days of the week in Targumic Aramaic In the table below are the days of the week in Targumic Aramaic.In other dialects there might be some minor differences in the pronounciation. Day in Targumic Aramaic is yom ( יום )…

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