Aramaic dialogues

'Shlama,Barta!' Aramaic dialogue

שׁלמא ברחא  Shlama Barta! Hello Barta. ?למאן את כתיב ית איגרתא Le-man at katev yat igarta? Who are you writing a letter to? צפרא תבא משכוכיתא Tsafra tava , Mashkukhita. Good morning Mashkukhita. אנא כתיב למלכא Ana katev le malka. …

Are you buying milk? Aramaic dialogue.

A simple dialogue follows below that will help learn some core Aramaic words , personal pronouns, some nouns and sone basic grammar. Aramaic verbs change theirs ending according to who is speaking or To to who are you speaking to…

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