Dialogue. On the bus. (Chaldean)

Here's a dialogue on the bus in Chaldean Aramaic with translation.

Person 1: Shlama, shlomoqon? (Hello, how are you?)

Person 2: Shlama, tovokh, khena shmoq? (Hello, I'm fine, what's your name?)

Person 1: Ana shmoq [your name]. Ana min [your city]. (My name is [your name]. I'm from [your city].)

Person 2: Khena bratalakh. Ana min Duhok. (Nice to meet you. I'm from Duhok.)

Person 1: Ana zakho. Ekh khena shlomoq? (I'm good. And how about you?)

Person 2: Ana shlomoq, brikha d'Alaha. (I'm fine, thanks to God.)

Person 1: Khena khoba? (Where are you going?)

Person 2: Ana khoba la [destination]. (I'm going to [destination].)

Person 1: Ana khoba la [destination] khan. (I'm also going to [destination].)

Person 2: Khena khoba khad b'khad? (Are you going alone?)

Person 1: La, ana khoba m'ana khanin. (No, I'm going with my friends.)

Person 2: Khena shapir. (That's good.)

Person 1: Nakhwen, ana khoba khad b'khad. (Excuse me, I'm going alone.)

Person 2: L'brina. (Okay.)

Person 1: Shlama. (Goodbye.)

Person 2: Shlama. (Goodbye.)


Person 1: Hello, how are you?

Person 2: Hello, I'm fine, what's your name?

Person 1: My name is [your name]. I'm from [your city].

Person 2: Nice to meet you. I'm from Duhok.

Person 1: I'm good. And how about you?

Person 2: I'm fine, thanks to God.

Person 1: Where are you going?

Person 2: I'm going to [destination].

Person 1: I'm also going to [destination].

Person 2: Are you going alone?

Person 1: No, I'm going with my friends.

Person 2: That's good.

Person 1: Excuse me, I'm going alone.

Person 2: Okay.

Person 1: Goodbye.

Person 2: Goodbye.

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