Personal pronouns in Syriac Aramaic

 Aramaic, like many other languages, has personal pronouns that are used to refer to people or things. Here are the personal pronouns in Aramaic:


- ܐܢܝ (ani) - I

- ܐܘܢ (awun) - you (masculine)

- ܐܢܐ (ana) - he or she


- ܢܝܢ (nin) - we

- ܐܘܢܟܝ (awunki) - you all (masculine)

- ܐܢܟܝ (anki) - they (feminine)

Note that in Aramaic, as in many Semitic languages, the verb form changes depending on the gender and number of the subject, so the personal pronoun is often omitted in the verb conjugation.


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