Gamal in Syriac Serto


The unconnected form of the letter looks like that above.

For example gamal connected with the letter alaph (below).

Gamal can be connected from the right as well as from the left ,like beth does also.

 Gamal connected from right.

Gamal connected from left.

Gamal connected from both sides.

Gamal is pronounced as g after a vowel. In this case s dot is used over it called kushaya.

On the other hand gamal is pronounced like a French r when it follows a consonant.

So a dot is used underneath the letter (rukakha).

Read and write.Try to the letters as they appear in the image below.

The small letters above or below the letters are Syriac diacritics for vowels.

Review Syriac vowels below.

Other letters in Syriac Serto

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