The letter beth in Syriac Serto.

 The letter beth in Syriac can be connected from the right as well as from the left unlike the alaph.

The Syriac beth represents the occlusive [b] and the spirant [v]. 

It is pronounced as [b] at the beginning of the word or the middle after a consonant (post-consonantal position).

In this case the occulative pronunciation can be denoted with a dot above the beth (kusshaya).

Beth is pronounced as [v] after a vowel. In this case a ruqqakha is used ,a dot under the letter.

It should be taken into account that in many texts the kushaya and ruqakha dots are omitted which does not make clear how the beth is pronounced. 

In these cases one should pay close attention to the letter that precedes beth.

The letter beth is never silenced like many other consonants in the Syriac language. 

Also beth is never softened after the [i] vowel retaining its hard pronunciation.

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