Did Arabic come from Aramaic?

No,it didn't. While both languages are members of the Semitic language family, Arabic didn't derive from Aramaic.

Aramaic first appeared in the North ,in what is now northern Syria where it was spoken by the Arameans in various Aramaic kingdoms the most important of them the kingdom of Aram.

The native name for the Aramaic language ,lishana suryaya itself means Syrian language.

Arabic appeared in the deserts of the Arabian peninsula.Big differences in grammar , big differences in syntax. Of course,they share many common words and characterictics both being Semitic. Other than that they are not related.

The Arabic language itself did not come from Aramaic but the alphabet did. Not directly but the via the Nabbatean script.The Arabic script evolved from Nabbatean which in turn came from Aramaic.


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