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Table in Syriac Aramaic.

ܛܒܠܝܬܐ Ṭavlitho/a (f.) Table,plank,gameboard IPA pronunciation [tˤavliθο/ɑ] Synonym ܦܬܘܪܐ‎ (pāṯūrā) table The Ṭ is an emphatic sound corresponding to the Arabic  letter  ṭāʾ  (ط)  [tˤ]. It is obviously a loanword from Latin tabul…

Introduction to Syriac (book)

You might want to introduce yourself into the world of Aramaic languages but you don't know where to start. It is indeed an entire world since Aramaic is not one language but a whole bunch from antiquity to present day. Some…

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