Vocalization of Galilean Aramaic.


Galilean Aramaic-belonging to the Western branch, had a distinct phonology compared to to Eastern Aramaic of Jerusalem and generally Judea.

Galileans tended to soften guttural and emphatic consonants in a Greek like way and they were probably were frowned up and seen as country bumpkins by locals of Jerusalem.

A Galilean would immediately stand out in Jerusalem as a provincial person with a thick accept to the ears of a local in Judea.

Transliteration to IPA (International Phenetic Alphabet):

1. ˀ/ʾ [ʔ]
2. b [b]
3. v/ḇ [β]
4. g [ɡ]
5. ḡ [ɣ]
6. d [d]
7. ḏ [ð]
8. h [h]
8. w [w]
9. z [z]
10. ṭ [tˤ]
11. ḥ [ħ]
12. y/i [j]
13. k [k]
15. 14. ḵ [x]
16. l [l]
17. m [m]
18. n [n]
19. s [s]
20. ˁ/ʿ [ʕ]
21. p [p]
22. p̄ [ɸ/f]
23. ṣ [sˤ]
24. q [q]
25. r [ʁ]
26. š [ʃ]
27. [t]
28. ṯ [θ]

• Vowels
1. ə [ə]
2. a [ʌ]
3. e [ɛ]
4. i [ɪ/i]
5. o [o]
6. u [u]

• Dipthongs
â/ai [aːj]
ê/ei [e̝]
î/i [ɪ̞]

Watch the whole playlist of Galilean vocalization.

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