Gospel of Barnabas- fake or real?

There is a great 'discovery' circulating for a long time now especially among Muslim circles- the so-called Gospel of Barnabas.

 This fake,fake, fake. The gospel is written in the Eastern Syriac script on blackened leather to make it look ancient.

Nevertheless the book is indeed quite old-it seems to have been written in the Middle Ages around 1500 C.E. by a European.

Its' translation in Arabic at the beginning of the 20th century became a major success in the Muslim world with hundreds of thousands of copies sold as it was forwarded as  proof that Jesus announces the coming of Mohammed. The book was supposedly  written in 1 A.D. and was deliberately hidden by Christians for a long time because of its' content according to a popular belief in the Muslim world.

But a close study of the book revealed that it contains basic linguistic, geographical and historical errors thus it couldn't have been written by Barnabas himself as claimed.

There are hundreds of such forged 'Syriac' documents .

Read more about how genuine the Gospel of Barnabas is here.

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