Drunk words , sober thoughts.

עייל חמר נפיק רזא
Ail Hamra nafek raza
Drunk words,sober thoughts.
Lit. Wine comes a,secret comes out.

עייל - a'il- comes
חמר - Ha'mra- wine
נפיק - na'fek - comes out
רזא - ra'za - secret

The second Yod (י) in the verbs
עייל and נפיק indicates the present tense. The same words without the Yod would mean came and came out עיל and נפק.The first Yod (י) reading from the right was a Waw (ו) that became a Yod.

Estrangelo-Hebrew-Latin transliteration

Transliteration table

Samaritan script

The Samaritan alphabet is used by the Samaritans,keepers of the Torah,the Shamerim (שַמֶרִים),an ethnoreligious group for purposes of religion for the languages of Samaritan Hebrew,Samaritan Aramaic and Samaritan Arabic. 

The script evolved from the Old Hebrew alphabet and ultimately from Phoenician.

This is an example of handwritten Samaritan script.

Samaria and Judea after Herod.

A handwritten example in the Samaritan script follows , Exodus chapter 20 by Lestat Lam.

External links

Turoyo the mountain Aramaic.

Turoyo ( ܣܘܪܝܬ, Surayth) ,the mountain Aramaic, also known as Surayt, Suroyo, Suryoyo - is a Central Neo-Aramaic language spoken nowadays mainly by the diaspora by the Assyrian people, about 100 thousand.

Turoyo in Mardin,SE Turkey
Yellow-19nth century
Orange-end of 1960s


It originally appeared in the Tur Abdin region of South-Eastern Turkey where few people speak it now mainly in the Mardin Province and Al-Hasanak governate in  North-easternen Syria.It's name comes from the word turo for mountain.

Turoyo is a term used by scholars for the sake of avoiding confusion with other Neo-Aramaic languages .Its speakers call it Surayth,Suroyo,Suryoyo,lishana Swaddaya and otherwise.

It is mainly spoken by the diaspora after the Assyrian Genocide by the Neo-Turks and subsequent wars in the region which led to massive migration initially to Western Europe in the 1970s.It is estimated that Turoyo is spoken by about 100 thousand speakers and is now considered endangered.


Script for Turoyo
It is written mostly in the Serto script. In Sweden a Latin version was standardized for the language in the 1970s due to Swedish policy that everyone should be tought his/her mothertongue as a child.Latin is also used unofficially by private individuals over the internet,for letters,etc.

Surayth in the Serto alphabet

Russian expeditions in Tur Abdin
In 2018  two Russian expeditions by  the Russian Institute of Classical East and Antiquity took place in the Tur Abdin region whose purpose was to attempt to document and describe the Turoyo language.These expeditions gathered audio recordings ,folklore tales and memories from native speakers of Turoyo.They also studied the morphology,phonology,semantics and grammar of the language.

External links
Shlomo Surayt (Learn Turoyo pdf)
Turoyo Neo-Aramaic in northern New Jersey

What's your name in Aramaic.

What's your name in Aramaic.

Targumic Aramaic

?מה שׁמך
 שׁמי ישׁוע
Mah shmakh?
Smi Yeshua.
What is your name?
My name is Jesus.

Classical Syriac

ܡ݃ܗ ܫܡ݃ܟ
Mah shmak?

ܝܶܫܽܘܥ ܫܡܝ݈
yeshuwʿ shmy݈
My name is Jesus.


Sureth (Assyrian Neo-Aramaic)
ܡܼܘܕܝܼ ܝܠܸܐ ܫܸܡܘܼܟ
Mude le shimukh?
What's your name?


 ܡܢ ܫܡܐ ܕܠܟ 
ܫܡܐ ܕܠ ܝܗ ܗܘ
man shmo dlokh?
Shmo dil Yshu’a haw
What's your name?
My name is Jesus.


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