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The double dot (seyame) in Classical Syriac.

The seyame sign-the double dot, was used in Classical Syriac to mark the plural. For some written words there was no way to tell whether they denoted the singular or plural form like the word  ܡܠܟܐ for king or kings. ܡ̈ܠܟܐ /…

Short Syriac Aramaic lessons

What is Syriac Aramaic? Syriac alphabet Estrangelo Serto Madnkhaya (eastern) Syriac Aramaic  vocabulary 'archer' in Syriac 'church' in Syriac clothes in Syriac colors in Syriac days of the week in Syri…

In the house- Syriac vocabulary builder.

'In the house' in Syriac Aramaic is b-vayto .The 'b' part means in. In the picture the letters are written in the Serto script . house -vayta or vayto -  ܒܲܝܬܵ

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