Is Aramaic still spoken today?

Yes it is. Nowadays some Neo-Aramaic languages survive in the Middle East the most important ones in numbers of speakers being Chaldean, Surayt (Turoyo the mountain Aramaic) and Assyrian Neo-Aramaic (not to be confused with Ancient Assyrian).

Jesus Christ spoke Galilean Aramaic, a distinct Aramaic dialect which belongs to the Western branch of Aramaic  .

Aramaic was the common language of Jews during Jesus's time. Hebrew was long gone as a spoken language at the time since the Babylonian exile when Jews shifted to Aramaic. Hebrew was still used as language of liturgy.

The only surviving  descendant of   Western Aramaic  is still spoken by a bunch of people in three villages in Southern Syria in the so-called Antilebanon . 

The villages are Maaloula, Bakhah and Jubbadin .Maaloula and Bakhah have mixed Muslim and Christian populations while Jubbadin is inhabited only by Muslims.

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