The Assyrian and Aramaic confusion.

Is Assyrian Aramaic?

There is some confusion as to what is Assyrian and Aramaic.

Assyrian was a dialect of Akkadian (-the other being Babylonian) a language of the Semitic family which includes Hebrew,Arabic,Aramaic and other languages.It was the language of the Assyrian Empire.

The Assyrian Empire adopted Aramaic as a language of trade and official communication initially but Akkadian was gradually completely supplanted by Aramaic.

When we say Assyrian Neo-Aramaic we refer to the Aramaic language of the Modern Assyrian people whose lands are traditionally North-Eastern Turkey,North-Eastern Syria and Northern Iraq.Assyrian Neo-Aramaic is often called just Assyrian and this where the confusion between ancient Assyrian-Akkadian and modern Assyrian-Neo Aramaic comes into play.

Modern Assyrians who speak an Aramaic language sometimes claim that they are descendents of the ancient Assyrians who spoke Akkadian.

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