Assyrian Americans

Modern words such as place names transliterated in the  Imperial Aramaic script is a great way to learn and remember easily the Aramaic alphabet. Today's word is 'America' or Amreeka rewritten as AMRYQH in Aramaic letters.

This how to write it in the Imperial Aramaic script.

Cultural note
Assyrian Americans
(ܣܘܪܝܐ‌ ܕܐܵܡܵܝܪܝܼܟܵܐ) 
Suraye be Amrika
Literally Assyrians in America

There are about a hundred thousand Assyrians/Chaldeans in the US. First recorded Assyrian presence in America dates back to the 19th century of an Assyrian working at a hotel in Philadelphia.The first wave of Assyrian immigrants to the US were men from the middle east working as translators. The second and biggest wave came after the persecution and genocide of the Assyrian people by the Neo-Turk regime in Kemal's Turkey. The third wave was after the war in Iraq and Syria.

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