No such thing as the Lord's Prayer in GALILEAN Aramaic!

two reconstructed versions of the beginning of Lord's prayer in Galilean

You heard me.There is no such thing as the Lord's Prayer in Galilean Aramaic-the language that Jesus Christ spoke the most.Not in the original form anyway.Only reconstructions of it exist.Let me elaborate on this.

The Lord's Prayer in Aramaic: Language & Meaning

No text has ever been found with the Lord's Prayer in the Galilean dialect.The oldest known form of the prayer is in Greek from the Gospels of Luke and Mark.The prayer is not found in Matthews's Gospel.The only attested form of the prayer in Aramaic is that of the Peshitta in Syriac Aramaic which is a translation of the original Greek text.

What it does exist are recontructions of the prayer in Galilean Aramaic like this and  this and this.Some of these are based on science like linguistics (phonology,dialectology) and history .

Others on the imagination of the author who sometimes mixes both science and fiction to come up with an 'original' Lord's prayer in Galilean.

What you should  take into account is that Galilean Aramaic itself is an obscure dialect not widely attested.In fact we know little of this dialect .Let alone reconstruct a prayer in it.

A reconstruction of the Lord's Prayer in 'Jewish Aramaic' as it is called by the author of this prayer.

Over the internet the most popular version is the Lord's prayer in Syriac Aramaic either romanized or in the Syriac script (Estrangelo mainly).The Syriac Lord's Prayer is sometimes written in fonts like the Herodian script -used for Aramaic in the times of Jesus in Palestine- to make it look Galilean.

Reconctructions of the prayer in Galilean Aramaic are rather scarce.

The single fact remains that since the Lord's Prayer is not attested in Galilean Aramaic so we cannot know for sure what this form of the prayer was like.

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  1. The Lord's Prayer infact, is written in the book of Matthew in Chapter 6:9v-13v, within the KJV Version Bible & the Aramaic Peshitta in the Syriac Aramaic language. I read both last night in both English and Aramaic translations.

    1. That's the Lord's Prayer in Syriac Aramaic. We are talking about the Lord's Prayer in Galilean Aramaic-the dialect Jesus Christ spoke. It is not attested in Galilean.

  2. The real prayer was written in hebrew.. Look at Matthew 6:9-13 in book of matthew.. book of Matthew which is the "Hebrew Gospel of Matthew" translation by george howard, not the KJV/modern jewish text..


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