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The word for King in Biblical Aramaic.

Today΄s word in Biblical Aramaic is melek which means King. King seems to be a favourite word for many Aramaic lessons that I have come across. Here is how to write King (mlk) in the Hebrew alphabet omitting the vowels. …

Basic prepositions in Syriac Aramaic

Good day.Today we will learn some basic prepositions in Aramaic.Lets start.   b -at,in,with (instrumental case,e.g. with a stone)   d -of  l -to,for,the (sometimes it just means 'the' ,like the definite articl…

Some greetings in Targumic Aramaic.

Good morning! צפרא טבא tsafra tava Good evening! רמשא עבא ramsha tava Live for ever! לעלםין היי le-almeen h´ee Peace to you! שׁלם לכין Shlam lekhon Read also Some aramaic greetings!

Gender of nouns in Syriac

There are two genders of nouns in Syriac,masculine and feminine.Most feminine  nouns take the -ta ending. There is no distinction between definite and indefinite nouns in Syriac.They both end in -a.In earlier forms of Aramaic …

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