Darius in Aramaic

Darius the Great or Dārayavahuš in Old Persian was ruler of  the Persian Empire (Achaemenid) at its hight in the 5th century B.C.His name is mentioned in varius Aramaic documents like the Petition to Bagoas-a letter from the Elephantine Papyri.

Two versions of his name are known in Aramaic ,the first-Daryush (drywsh) -meaning 'possesor' and the longer version Daryawahush (Darius) meaning 'holding firm the good'.In the video below you can see them written in the Imperial Aramaic script.

דָּֽרְיָ֥וֶשׁ מַלְכָּ֖א

Ezra 6
 א בֵּאדַ֛יִן דָּֽרְיָ֥וֶשׁ מַלְכָּ֖א שָׂ֣ם טְעֵ֑ם וּבַקַּ֣רוּ | בְּבֵ֣ית סִפְרַיָּ֗א דִּ֧י גִנְזַיָּ֛א מְהַֽחֲתִ֥ין תַּמָּ֖ה בְּבָבֶֽל

ʾbēʾdayin dārǝyāweš malkāʾ śām ṭǝʿēm ûbaqqarû | bǝbêt siprayyāʾ dî ginzayyāʾ mǝhaḥătîn tammâ bǝbābel. 

1.Then King Darius gave an order, and they searched in the library in which the archives were stored in Babylon.

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