Some Aramaic greetings

I have collected some greetings in various Aramaic dialects.

So far I have found these phrases.In the future I will be updating the post should I find more.

Galilean Aramaic
Galilean Aramaic was the language Jesus Christ spoke. It belongs to the Western branch of Aramaic. The sole survivor of the Western branch in modern times is the Aramaic dialect spoken in the Syrian village of Maalula.

Shlamlak -hello (to a man)
Shlamlek-hello (to a woman)
שְׁלָמ לְךְ‏ / ܫܠܵܡܠܸܟ݂ܝ - (šlāmleḵ)

Shlama(eastern Syriac) 
Shlomo(western Syriac)

šlama/ šlomo in the Syriac MadnKhaya script

Ejdar bo hat?
How are you?


Aloho amich/amoch
Bye (God be with you)

Basic Syriac Aramaic greetings.

ܝܰܘܡܳܐ ܛܳܒܳܐ
Yaumo tobo
Good day!

ܒܪܺܝܟ ܨܰܦܪܳܐ
Brikh ṣafro
Good morning!

ܒܪܺܝܟ ܪܰܡܫܳܐ
Brikh ramsho
Good evening!

ܠܺܠܝܳܐ ܬܳܒܳܐ.          
Lilyo tobo
Good night!

Assyrian Neo-Aramaic

Assyrian Neo-Aramaic is the most widely spoken of the Neo-Aramaic languages with an estimate of between 500 hundred to one million speakers. 

Not to be confused with ancient Assyrian ,also a Semitic language but not Aramaic. Assyrian was eventually completely supplanted by Aramaic due to various reasons, both languages being spoken in the Assyrian empire, widespread bilingualism and close affiliation between the two being both Semitic.

shlamalukh (to a man)

shlamalakh (to a woman)

Shlama ilokhun


Keidomtukh brikhta
Good Morning

Dakhee vit/vat?
How are you?
(vit is for a male,vat for a female)

Dakhee toon? (formal)
How are you?

Spay vin/van,merci.
I am good,thank you.

Good thank you.

At dakhee vit/vat?
And you?

Chaldean Neo-Aramaic.
Chaldean is the sister language of Assyrian Neo-Aramaic. 

Shlama (to one person)

Shlama ilokhen (to more people)

Dekh-e-yat? (to a female)
Dekh-e-yit? (to a male)
How are you?

Turoyo (Surayt)
Turoyo also known as the mountain Aramaic from the word tur - mountain is traditionally spoken at the Northeast border between Turkey and Syria.

B shayno.
Hello.(in response to shlomo)

Targumic Aramaic
Targumic is the language of the targums, translations of the Hebrew Bible into Aramaic. These translations were a necessity because Hebrew falling out of use as a spoken language by the 3rd century AD being replaced by Aramaic.

Targumic Aramaic was written in the so-called square Aramaic alphabet from which the Hebrew one derived. Nowadays the morden Hebrew alphabet is used to write Targumic due to their closeness and for ease of use.

Good morning!
צפרא טבא
tsafra tava

Good evening!
רמשא עבא
ramsha tava

Peace to you!
שׁלם לכין
Shlam lekhon

With heaven's help!
Besiata deshmaya.
בּסיעתא דשׁמיא

May you live forever!
Le-almin hii!
לעלמן היי


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  1. This Aramaic Greetings are awesome! Thanks for posting them! May the peace of the Messiah be always with you! Am purchasing the book!



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