Jesus in Aramaic.

The word mshikha (משיחא)-the Messiah is related to the word mishkha (מישחא) which means oil or olive oil in Aramaic.

"He shall be called Nazarene."
                          Matthew 2:23

 netiqreʾ d݁noṣroyoʾ

Jesus Nazarene,(Hebrew: נָצְרַת‎, Natzrat; Aramaic: ܢܨܪܬ) from the city of Nazareth which was a town in Galilee. The name Nazareth comes from the Hebrew word Nazara meaning truth.

Jesus spoke Galilean Aramaic natively the common spoken language of the people in area at the time. By that time Hebrew was long gone as a spoken language since the times that Jews were expelled to Babylon, being used almost exclusively as a language of liturgy.

There they picked up and shifted to Aramaic, the second common language of the Persian Empire.

Upon their return they brought their newly acquired language to Judaea.

Today little is known about the Galilean dialect and it is currently being reconstructed and constantly being revised.

The historical name of Jesus (Ιησούς) in Amaraic was Yeshua ישוע  or (ܝܫܘܥ) in Classical Syriac. In Eastern Syriac dialects there is the variation Isho (ܝܫܘܥ) written the same as Yeshua. 

The name of Jesus is also often written in abbreviation as ܝܗ.

Mshikha- the Messiah- the annointed

Annointing with oil was a common inauguration ceremony for new kings all over the Middle East. Daniel was annointed with oil ,even Xerxes was annointed when he became King of Kings of the Achaemenid Empire.

The act of annointing with oil played an important part in rituals of many ancient middle Eastern peoples and had the meaning of making something sacred or godly. Oil was also considered to have healing properties.

Jesus the Messiah was annointed as he became the new king of his heavenly kingdom.

The word Christ did not exist in Aramaic.It comes from the Greek word Χριστός which means 'the anointed one' and is a translation of the Aramaic Msheekha מְשִׁיחָא (Messiah).So Jesus Christ is Yeshua Msheekha in Aramaic.

The word mshikha (משיחא)-the Messiah is related to the word mishkha (מישחא) which means oil or olive oil in Aramaic.

The shemen ha-mshikha (שמן המישחא) was a balm for annointing. In Biblical context it was the annointing for kingship.

So Jesus Christ in Aramaic is Yeshua Msheekha .In Syriac there are of course variants ,Yeshuo Msheekho in Western Syriac,Yeshua Msheekha in Eastern Syriac.You may also see Eeshoo instead of Yeshua.
Yeshua in Syriac

The following video shows you how to write Jesus in the Estrangelo script.

Estrangelo evolved from the Palmyrene alphabet , ultimately from Aramaic.

Yeshua written in the Herodian script which is a variant of the square Aramaic alphabet used in Judea during Herod's time.

Herod was a client king to the Romans of the kingdom of Judea and he ruled during the time that Jesus ministered.

Jesus in the Herodian script

Jesus in the Imperial Aramaic alphabet.
And this is how to write Yeshua in the Imperial Aramaic script.

The Imperial Aramaic alphabet was not used at the times of Jesus since it was the standard alphabet of Aramaic in the Persian Empire.

I'm using it here retrospectively just to give you an example of the script.

Now watch this video about the origin of the name of Jesus.




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  1. His name is יהושע "IAHsha", "IAH saves"... only IAH can save people from their sins.


  3. Yeshua, jews know the name and hebrew more than you

  4. Yah not IAH!!, Yah is found in psalms 68:4 and Isaiah 12:2. Yeshua is Hebrew for Yehovah is salvation and Yeshua is the Hebrew name of the Messiah Mashiach.

    1. YAH is also found in Isaiah 38:11. Actually it is yah yah. Double YAH. Kindly look it up in NKJV. Thanks.

  5. So Jesus Christ in Aramaic is Yeshua Msheekha . In Syriac there are of course variants ,Yeshuo Msheekho in Western Syriac,Yeshua Msheekha in Eastern Syriac


    Elah (Aramaic: אֱלָה; Syriac: ܐܠܗ; pl. "elim") is the Aramaic word for God and the absolute singular form of ܐܲܠܵܗܵܐ alaha.

    Why am am i ginding in Aramaic which is the launage jesus knew and spoke is the name of the father alaha i feel like this was hidden from us for a very wrong reason......

  6. Why am i finding out in 2021 that gods name in Aramaic is alaha

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