'He Is Risen!' in Aramaic.

'Mshiha qam' means 'The Messiah is risen' in Aramaic or you can just say qam!- He is risen!.

Let's take a look at how the phrase is written in the Herodian version.Vowels are not written so we just write the consonats 'qm'.Don't forget that Aramaic is read form right to left as 'mq'.

I have also prepared a short video.Take a look.

Aramaic cartoon-He is risen!

Recently I have discovered a site selling e-greeting cards one of which is very interesting.It's a cartoon in the Aramaic Language called 'He is Risen',about the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Mary runs hurrily to Apostle Peter's home to break the news that they have taken Jesus.When she arrives knocks on the door and shouts Simon,Simon Kepha!Which is the Aramaic name of Apostle Peter.


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