God in Aramaic.

There are various words for God in Aramaic Eli  or Elahi (Biblical Aramaic) and alaha or  aloho in Syriac depending on the dialect.

The word sounds almost identical to the Arabic 'allah'.

Alternatively Aramaic speakers referred to God as 'maran' our Lord hence the Aramaic phrase μαρανάθα (maranatha) -O Lord come! from the Greek New Testament.

A handful of Aramaic phrases are included in the Greek New Testament amidst the Greek text. It's what Jesus said in Aramaic his native language. 

Jesus spoke Galilean Aramaic a dialect spoken natively north of Judaea .There is evidence that this dialect sounded harsh and distorted to the ears of Jerusalem Aramaic speaker. The distinct accent would immediately give away a Galilean in Jerusalem.

In the New Testament Jesus uses the following names when he refers to God.

abba (αββα)-father
Eli (ηλί) or Elohi (ελόΐ)- when being on the cross.
And maranatha ,a phrase which contains the word mar (Lord).

Jesus's last words on the cross were Εlohi,Εlohi lama sabbachtani?-God,God,why have you forsaken me? 

This phrase is from the New Testament the original being in Greek-Ηλί,Ηλί λαμά σαβαχθανί;In the same book there is another version of the same phrase-Ελοί,Ελοί λαμά σαβαχθανί;

elahi-God in the Aramaic Square script (Hebrew)

Here is the word Elahi with the vowels (the dots).

Now let us take a look how eli and alaha are written in the Syriac Estrangela script.

eli or ʾyl
alaha or ʾlhʾ

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