the Syriac Serto Aramaic alphabet

Serto is one of the Syriac scripts for Aramaic used to write West Syriac.Its name comes from the word serta (ܣܪܛܐ) which means line.

It was a cursive,easier to write evolution of the Estrangela script. The letters are simpler and go with the flow.

The Serto script developed under Byzantine rule. This is also evident in its vowel diacritics which were adopted directly from Greek  writing. The letters are Α,Ο,Ε,Η,ΟΥ or a,o,e,i,u respectively.

While the Eastern Madnkhaya developed under the Sassanids.

Table of Serto letters

Serṭā Transliteration IPA
Syriac Serta alap.svg ʾ [ʔ]
or silent
Syriac Serta bet.svg hard: b
soft: ḇ (also bh, v)
hard: [b]
soft: [v] or [w]
Syriac Serta gamal.svg hard: g
soft: ḡ (also gh, ġ)
hard: [ɡ]
soft: [ɣ]
Syriac Serta dalat.svg hard: d
soft: ḏ (also dh, ð)
hard: [d]
soft: [ð]
Syriac Serta he.svg h [h]
Syriac Serta waw.svg consonant: w
mater lectionis: ū or ō
(also u or o)
consonant: [w]
mater lectionis: [u] or [o]
Syriac Serta zayn.svg z [z]
Syriac Serta het.svg [ħ], [x], or [χ]
Syriac Serta tet.svg [tˤ]
Syriac Serta yod.svg consonant: y
mater lectionis: ī (also i)
consonant: [j]
mater lectionis: [i] or [e]
Syriac Serta kap.svg hard: k
soft: ḵ (also kh, x)
hard: [k]
soft: [x]
Syriac Serta lamad.svg l [l]
Syriac Serta mim.svg m [m]
Syriac Serta nun.svg n [n]
Syriac Serta semkat.svg s [s]
Syriac Serta 'e.svg ʿ [ʕ]
Syriac Serta pe.svg hard: p
soft: ᵽ (also ph, f)
hard: [p]
soft: [f]
Syriac Serta sade.svg [sˤ]
Syriac Serta qop.svg q [q]
Syriac Serta res.svg r [r]
Syriac Serta sin.svg š (also sh) [ʃ]
Syriac Serta taw.svg hard: t
soft: ṯ (also th, θ)
hard: [t]
soft: [θ]

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